Call for submissions: It’s LONNOL Month on WIZ

Valentine_378 antique Valentine glass heart

Love of Nature Nature of Love Month has arrived on Wilderness Interface Zone, and we’re looking to publish love abroad.  Do you have a message of friendship and love you’d like to send someone? WIZ is looking for original poetry, essays, blocks of fiction, art, music (mp3s), videos or other media that address the topic of amour while making references to nature.  We’ll also take the flipside: We’ll publish work about nature intertwined with themes of love.  Besides original work you’re welcome to send favorite works by others that have entered public domain.  So if you have a sonnet you’ve written to a wild thing of one species or another or perhaps you’ve composed a video Valentine or an essay avowing your love for a natural space near and dear, please consider sending it to WIZ.  Click here for submissions guidelines.

Besides rolling out a (hopefully) plush carpet of love-art, we’ll also be running two WIZ, nature-laced, romantic DVD giveaways, Typhoon, starring Dorothy Lamour and pre-Music Man Robert Preston, and a Pre-Hays Code movie, King of the Jungle, starring scantily clad Buster Crabbe as Kaspa the Lion Man.

We hope you’ll attend the month-long celebration.  Come join us at WIZ and help thaw out February.

Wilderness Interface Zone seeks submissions

A Motley Vision’s sister blog Wilderness Interface Zone seeks submissions of poetry, prose, fiction”“any of the kinds of nature writing listed in its submission guidelines.  If you’re interested in submitting work, please glance at our About page, too.  Photographs that take  nature as subject matter are also welcomed.  WIZ finds especially interesting works that illustrate creative, productive human relationships with the natural world (and vice versa).  Mormon nature writers and non-Mormon nature writers alike are encouraged to submit work.  So if you have literary nature or science writing looking for room to roam, please consider sending it our way.

Please submit your nature poetry, prose, or pix to or  Please allow two weeks for response.