Announcing WIZ’s 2010 Spring Poetry Runoff Contest

The Vernal Equinox arrives Saturday, March 20.  To celebrate spring’s arrival last year, Wilderness Interface Zone, A Motley Vision’s companion blog, ran a Spring Poetry Run-off that turned out to be lots of fun.  So beginning March 19, we’re running WIZ’s Second Annual Spring Poetry Run-off, this time as a poetry contest!

In keeping with WIZ’s mission to help develop, inspire, and promote literary nature and science writing in the Mormon writing community, we encourage poets to help call an end to winter and midwife the birth of a milder season, a season of gardens, returning flocks, and light that takes the tarnish off the blood.

Contest rules

* Submit poems to between March 7 and March 31.
* All poems submitted must be original, published or unpublished work.  If the work has been previously published, please provide publication information and be sure you can grant us rights to re-publish the work.
* Please submit poems 50 lines long or less.
* All poems submitted must be spring-themed or at least mention spring.
* Poets may submit up to 3 poems.

For more information, click here.