AMV interlude: top 5 novels

There are several posts that I very much want to write on a variety of fascinating topics, but life is conspiring against me at the moment so I thought I’d break the silence with one of those lame list posts. On the other hand, I am a white, college educated, indie-rock lovin’ Gen Xer so, you know — lists.

Here are my top 5 novels at this moment in time:

  1. The Master and Margarita
  2. Anna Karenina
  3. The Golden Bowl
  4. Death Comes to the Archbishop
  5. The Castle

This doesn’t really illuminate much other than how conventional I am. Perhaps I need to do a top 50 works of narrative art or something. Here’s the thing, though. I could add in a few more titles, but comparing the above with my own meager production of creative work (published, written and planned), I’d have to say that clearly, there’s some sort of influence going on with these specific 5 novels.

So what’s your top 5 or 10 or 20 (of whatever)? And if you produce narrative art, do your top titles influence your creation?

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