Payday Poetry: Marking the Lambs by Kimberly Johnson

I’ll be honest — I chose this poem for this week’s Payday Poetry because I wanted to reward Tyler for answering the call when I made the plea for more submissions last month. But I also like the poem itself: the staccato pop of it and the focus on the meaning of marking.

Title: Marking the Lambs

Poet: Kimberly Johnson

Publication Info: Slate, Nov. 21, 2006

Submitted by: Tyler Chadwick

Why?: Tyler writes: “Johnson is a poet that doesn’t shy away from the grittiness of mortality. ‘Marking the Lambs’ is evidence of that, and that even in the grit (of farm work and language work), we can approach transcendence and depth of feeling. The poem is accompanied by an audio file of Johnson reading the poem.”


Here’s the link to the spreadsheet so you can see what’s already been submitted