Mormonism in recent films & on stage

The story of the once forgotten LDS film Corianton may be familiar to many readers of A Motley Vision. The few who knew that the film had been made probably assumed that it had been lost until, as I understand it, Orson Scott Card found the only extant copy in his grandfather’s barn. I’m told that there are still other LDS films (and likely other works of literature) that have been lost completely–no known copies exist.

Recently I’ve come across news reports about a number of films and plays about Mormonism, a couple of which seem unlikely to catch the attention of even the few of us who notice these things. By the size of the audience that will see them, and the location where they were produced and shown, I suspect that they could also be lost, if they don’t catch the attention of archivists and specialists. I hope that by listing them here, their existence won’t be forgotten. Better still, perhaps some archivist will track them down before all copies are inadvertently destroyed.

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