Every book is a failure :)


. . . I hope to write another [novel] fairly soon.
It is bound to be a failure,
every book is a failure,
but I do know with some clarity
what kind of book I want to write.

– – –

By titling my Whitney recap as I have, I don’t wish to suggest the five books in the General Category sucked. After all, the novel Orwell was planning to write was Nineteen Eighty-four, an enormous success by about every criteria I can imagine (outside cheerfulness—huge bust on the cheerfulness front). Rather, as I revisit the books I’ve read and reviewed, I want to think about what they suggest about us as a writing community in 2014. I’ll cover them in the order they are listed on the Whitney site which, coincidentally, is the same order I ranked them in.

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Wrapping up the #MormonPoetrySlam

In case you haven’t been following the Mormon Poetry Slam at home and have an interest in Mormon poetry (I mean, who doesn’t, right?), here’s an update (which I initially posted here):

The final performance in the slam—which I’ve been hosting on FireinthePasture.org and which as far as I know is the first online competition of its kind—posted last Friday. (You can find the event archive here). Now it’s time to determine the winner of the Audience Choice Award and we need your help with that because, well, the participants need the audience to vote. So, if you would: Take several minutes to consider the slam performances, then vote for your favorite before Wednesday’s end (voting rules are outlined below). For your consideration and reviewing pleasure, here are the fourteen entries, listed in order of appearance: Continue reading “Wrapping up the #MormonPoetrySlam”

Welcome Sarah Dunster and Luisa Perkins

LDS authors Sarah Dunster and Luisa Perkins are joining AMV!

I am very pleased to announce that Sarah Dunster and Luisa Perkins are joining A Motley Vision. Both are longtime commenters at (and friends of) AMV and have also been interview subjects.

Luisa is the author of Dispirited, a work of contemporary dark fantasy which was published last year by Zarahemla Books.

Sarah’s historical LDS novel Lightning Tree was published last year by Cedar Fort.

Both have had other works published in a variety of venues and have things to say about the world of Mormon literature and culture. Please join me in welcoming them to the team.

Sarah Dunster on her debut novel Lightning Tree

Sarah Dunster talks about her YA historical fiction novel Lightning Tree, which was recently published by Cedar Fort.

AMV readers may be familiar with Sarah Dunster as a frequent comment here or as a contributor of poetry to our sister blog Wilderness Interface Zone and the Peculiar Pages anthology Fire in the Pasture. It turns out that Sarah also writes prose fiction. Her debut novel Lightning Tree has been recently published by Cedar Fort. Upon hearing this news, I asked for an author interview, which she was willing to grant. Here it is:

First off, can tell us briefly about what Lightning Tree is about?

Lightning Tree is a work of historical fiction that takes place in 1858 just after the end of the Utah War and exactly a year after the Mountain Meadows Massacre. It follows the journey of Magdalena Chabert, a fifteen-year-old French-Italian immigrant girl who loses her parents while crossing the prairie and is taken in by an American family who settles in Provo. The story begins when she makes a startling discovery that leads her to doubt the honesty and good intentions of her foster family. She has terrible nightmares that seem like they might be coming true. The journey is about Maggie figuring out whom to trust, and who her family really is. Continue reading “Sarah Dunster on her debut novel Lightning Tree”