Sunday Lit Crit Sermon: L. E. Harrington on Reading

Despite anti-Mormon claims in the 19th century that Mormons are ignorant, Mormon leaders, both Church-wide and local, repeatedly urged members to seek knowledge. They urged them to read as well as become better educated. And, while leaders cautioned members against reading novels and “light” reading, at least the Bishop that gave the following remarks, urged members towards careful reading.

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Sunday Lit Crit Sermon: Heber J. Grant quoting David Starr Jordan

Heber J. Grant

In General Conference, if a general authority quotes another work so extensively that it makes up the majority of his discourse, you might assume that the quotation comes from the scriptures or another important LDS work. And if something like that happened in a sacrament meeting talk, in many wards the member who gave the talk would be admonished to stick to the scriptures and teachings of the prophets and apostles.

But in April 1914, Elder Heber J. Grant, a 31-year veteran among the apostles, read about 1/2 of his talk from a book by David Starr Jordan.

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The Life and Death of Imprints

One of the sometimes inscrutable changes that happen frequently in book publishing comes from the name on the book, the imprint. I was reminded of how strange these changes can be when I discovered quite a while ago that Bookcraft, once the name of the second largest LDS publisher, is now no longer in use.

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Status Report – Portuguese-language Mormon Short Story Contest

More than 3 months ago I announced here the first Portuguese-language Mormon short story contest. Now the period for making submissions has closed, and already the contest has exceeded expectations.

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