Edward Tullidge’s attempts at starting a Mormon Literature

Tullidge-BenIsrael-1887-CoverIt is wonderful to come across completely new information on one subject when you are searching for information in a completely different area. In my case, I was looking for background on Edward Tullidge and why he was in New York City in 1866, and I discovered the Edward Tullidge who tried to create a Mormon literature in 1864. I also discovered that my impression of Tullidge, as an inconstant and unfaithful Church member involved in the Godbeite schism, was not a fair impression. And I came to the conclusion that we, in Mormon letters, need to give Edward Tullidge, the author, poet, playwright and editor, more attention when we look at Mormon literary history.

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Mormon Play Publisher Purchased, Mormon Plays for Sale

Historically, LDS playwrights have had only one dedicated company distributing performance rights to LDS plays, Encore Performance Publishing. But that changed last year when Encore was sold, and now LDS playwrights’ ability to license plays is much less certain, since Encore’s new owner isn’t interested in LDS .

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