My personal favorite AMV posts (at the moment)

In the spirit of egalitarianism and celebration and self-promotion and just plain awesomeness, I bring you my personal favorite posts from each AMV contributor as of right now but subject to change based on the whims and vagaries native to the benevolent dictator that I am and in alphabetical order by first name because I can’t be bothered to remember who joined when or maybe it’s so I can have the final word although really when do I not have the final word, and also there’s no reason to read too much in to my selections because see the use of the words whims and vagaries earlier in this sentence so if I were to do the same thing next week it could look totally different, and you never know — maybe I will:

  1. Admin: Bradly Baird on the artifacts of LDS memory
  2. Anneke Majors: Minerva Red
  3. Eric Russell:  In Defense of the Critics
  4. Eric Thompson: Half Faked
  5. Harlow Clark: Gadianton The Nobler, Reflections on Changes in the Book of Mormon, Introduction to Textual Variants Part IV
  6. Jonathan Langford:
  7. Katherine Morris: “Bread of Affliction” and Cultural Self-Consciousness
  8. Kent Larsen: Why we need Mormon Culture
  9. Laura Craner: Beware Brother Brigham (a review of the book by D. Michael Martindale)
  10. Mahonri Stewart: Of Prophets and Artists: A Household of Faith Or A House Divided?
  11. Patricia Karamesines: The Rhetoric of Stealing God
  12. S.P. Bailey: The Things We Bring Home
  13. Theric Jepson: The Hero’s Journey of the Mormon Arts
  14. Tyler Chadwick: The Tragic Tell of Mormon Morality, Part IV
  15. William Morris: Damn you Norman Manea!

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The state of AMV at 5

A Motley Vision launched as a solo blog on June 2, 2004. It was born out of two key events:

1. Clark Goble introducing me to Times & Seasons in late January/early February of 2004.

2. The AML-List crashing in March of 2004 and me not finding out that there was a new version of the list up and running for several weeks.

The odd thing is that I had been aware of blogs since Instapundit first spun out of Slate’s Fray (mainly because I found myself monitoring some of them as part of my work), but it had never occurred to me to start blogging because I wasn’t interested in political or personal blogging and the AML-List met my Mormon Studies needs. The two events above changed all that. (and if you want a laugh, take a look at my initial pretensions. Talk about pretentious.)

If the mood strikes me, I may at some point put together a historical timeline for AMV. But the main thing to know is this: Five years, more than 600 posts from  13 contributors and 1 emeritus blogger plus the contribution of many intelligent, civil commenters, and I still feel like there’s more to say. Continue reading “The state of AMV at 5”