Zoe Murdock on the Mormon Women’s Literary Tour

By now Our Visions, Our Voices: A Mormon Women’s Literary Tour has received quite a bit of coverage in the Bloggernacle, including Kent’s post here at AMV, and posts at Segullah, Feminist Mormon Housewives and By Common Consent.  Zoe Murdock, who I interviewed last year about her novel Torn by God, is participating in the tour (which starts Monday), and has graciously agreed to answer a few questions about it from the perspective of a participant.

How and why did you become involved with Our Visions, Our Voices?

Last January, I was on the internet looking for sites that might be interested in hearing about my new novel, Torn by God: A Family’s Struggle with Polygamy. I came across the run by Joanna Brooks and Holly Welker. They were just starting to put together a three-state series of readings called, Our Visions, Our Voices: A Mormon Women’s Literary Tour. The tour was to be composed of women who write from a Mormon perspective, whether it be LDS, RDLS, or women with an outside or post-Mormon perspective. I was particularly interested in the project because of the great range of diversity it promised. Continue reading “Zoe Murdock on the Mormon Women’s Literary Tour”

Mormon Women’s Literary Tour Starts Monday

Since I’m behind and won’t have my weekly post on the History of Mormon Publishing this week, I thought I’d pass along the news about the Mormon Women’s Literary Tour that starts this coming Monday in California and proceeds to venues in Arizona and Utah through the end of the month.
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