Looping through the Mormon Arts, from me to me


Though this post is by it’s very nature heavily self-indulgent, I am going to try to spin it as more altruistic than it is. Continue reading “Looping through the Mormon Arts, from me to me”

The Mormon Lit Database (MLCA) Again

OK, if you are at BYU, classes started a week ago, and you just had a nice long three-day weekend to get organized for the semester. Its early in the semester still, so you are probably not yet behind. It should be a good time to pickup where we left off with our discussion of the Mormon Literature and Creative Arts database.

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Have you updated your Mormon Literature Database entry yet?

A quick note to all authors (and filmmakers), agents, publishers, publicists and fans out there: what’s the status of the Mormon Literature Database entry for you (or the author you love/represent)?

Authors and agents (and I bet that publicists with close ties to the author would be accepted since most authors publishing in the Mormon market don’t have agents) should fill out the MLDB Submission Form.

For fans or publishers who want to submit data on multiple authors, here’s what you should do:  “If you wish to submit corrections, updates, or other information about a given author, please do so by sending email to the MLDB Committee at MormonLit@byu.edu.”

I’m going to work on the info for my entry (and yay for actually having stuff to submit) this week.