A Utah Mormon Tasting Menu

Sometimes my mind goes to strange places as I attempt to find sleep. Sometimes that is (or isn’t) to your benefit. So with apologies to Grant Achatz and Thomas Keller, I present a Utah Mormon Tasting Menu:

gel-o with shredded carrot

a cube of wasabi pea flavored green gel presented in a nest of dehydrated shredded carrots

pairing: stewart’s ginger beer

russian navajo taco

indian fry bread circles topped with sour cream and caviar

pairing: martinelli’s sparkling apple cider

western crab cake

an alaskan king crab crab cake topped with a ranch dressing foam

pairing: thomas kemper root beer

artichoke with fry sauce

a chilled artichoke heart cup filled with fry sauce bubbles and topped with preserved lemon and dusted with cayenne pepper Continue reading “A Utah Mormon Tasting Menu”