Submissions and the “Waste Basket”

I came across the following note (under the title “Fear of the Waste Basket”) in the January 1880 issue of The Contributor, the magazine for the Young Mens and Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Associations. It gives, I think, the something of the other side of the coin on submissions.

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Remembrance of Drama Past

Mormon Drama reached something of a high point in the 1950s.  Hundreds of performances of plays occurred in wards and stakes under the auspices of the MIA, which published as many as a dozen or more plays in its annual MIA Book of Plays.

Terryl Givens, in his recent People of the Paradox writes that this anthology contained “offerings largely obtained through national playhouses.”1 However, depending on how you read “largely” this might be misinterpreted. By my count nearly 25% of the plays in these anthologies were Mormon works.

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