Marilyn Brown Unpublished Novel Competition Deadline October 1st

October 1st is the deadline for submissions to the annual Marilyn Brown Unpublished Novel Competition.  Submission guidelines are as follows:

  • Required focus: cultural experiences in the Utah region, or LDS experiences in the Utah region or  elsewhere
  • Required genre: mainstream literature (no science fiction or fantasy)

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John Bennion wins Marilyn Brown Novel Award for “Avenging Saints”

John Bennion has been awarded the Marilyn Brown Unpublished Novel Award for Avenging Saints. The award was announced at an April 21 event sponsored by Utah Valley University’s Department of English & Literature.

Associate Professor Jen Wahlquist, who is now administering the contest, graciously provided me with the text of the award citation (reproduced below).

This is the sixth time the award has been given out. Previous winners include Jack Harrel’s Vernal Promises (published by Signature Books), Mormonville by Jeff Call (published by Cedar Fort), House Dreams by Janean Justham (unpublished?), The Coming of Elijah by Arianne Cope (Parables Publishing), and Rift by Todd Robert Petersen (forthcoming from Zarahemla Books).

The Association for Mormon Letters is still involved in the award to a certain extent

Although the AML was involved in awards process for the first five winners, the funding for the contest now resides with UVU (link is to a PowerPoint), and it is now going to be given out annually (links to PDF file).  For those unfamiliar with the long and varied creative career of Marilyn Brown, here’s a link to her Mormon Literature Database entry. In particular, I would recommend here novel House on the Sound. Continue reading “John Bennion wins Marilyn Brown Novel Award for “Avenging Saints””