Short Story Friday: Holey Discourse, a Kent Larsen translation of a Verissimo story

What makes this story appropriate for Short Story Friday is not the content of the work or the religious affiliation of the author, but rather the fact that the translator is LDS and introduced in to an LDS context (his circle of friends on Facebook — and then by submitting it to me). It’s a short dialogue between a Catholic bishop and his impish, philisophical conversant.

Title: Holey Discourse

Author: Luiz Fernando Verissimo; translation by Kent Larsen

Publication Info: Facebook Note, 2009

Submitted by: Kent Larsen

Why?: Kent says: “I love the wordplay philosophical games, and the ability of the author to find an argumentative way out.”

Wm adds: I like that the wordplay actually translates in to English. Ah, Latin!


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