How much would you pay for all fiction/poetry from Mormon journals?

I’ve been thinking about the cost of Mormon journals lately and wondering how much I’d pay per year to receive every short story and poem published during that year by Irreantum, Dialogue, Sunstone, Segullah and BYU Studies. I’m not sure, so I’m going to ask all of you. Now, ignore the fact that this is incredibly unlikely to happen for a variety of reasons — not to mention that it could cannibalize full subscriptions (although that’s debatable). Here’s what I want to know: considering the number of well-edited Mormon-themed (or at least written by LDS authors) short stories, plays and poems that are published in the venues mentioned above each year, how much would you be willing to pay receive all of them in electronic form (iPhone/iPad, Android app and/or periodic [once per quarter] e-book download)?

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I’m going to guess that the market for the whole set of stories and poems is probably quite small. But since the thought occurred to me and AMV does have a (never before used) poll function, I thought I’d ask.

Tracking the Elusive Mormon Author

In Cedar City for the Shakespearean Festival last week I purchased a copy of the SUU literary magazine, “Kolob Canyon Review.” Thumbing through the issue (which contains work by SUU students, faculty and alumni), I couldn’t find any work that used Mormon themes or references, but the names of several of the contributors, together with my assumptions about the student body of SUU, made me think it likely that at least a few of the contributors are Mormon.

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