Bradly Baird on the artifacts of LDS memory

The following guest post is from AMV commenter Bradly Baird. ~Wm

The Artifacts of LDS Memory: Arts, Transformation, Liminality, and Spirituality

I sit here at the close of another September 11 listening to two remarkable pieces of music — Richard Danielpour’s An American Requiem and John Adam’s On The Transmigration of Souls — both written to commemorate the victims of the attacks. The stirring music and “memory space” created in my mind combine and make for a highly emotional interaction. I am deeply moved.

The experience also calls to mind the power of the arts as a transformative agent upon the human psyche. I am sure everyone can recall those moments of experience when, after having read an incredible book, listened to extraordinary piece of music, or experienced a performance of unusual power, they feel completely different, transformed, and in possession of new perspectives.

I have had many of these deeply transformative experiences with the arts myself over the years. I remember new perspectives gained from seeing Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s Sunday in the Park with George, hearing David Diamond’s Symphony No. 2, reading Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried, experiencing Auguste Rodin’s unbelievable sculptures, or seeing the Utah Symphony play Michael Torke’s Verdant Music. These are moments with the arts that will be with me forever. Continue reading “Bradly Baird on the artifacts of LDS memory”