Game Lost, but not the Season: A review of Ryan Woodward’s Bottom of the 9th

RyanEditedI’m a baseball fan. I go to games, watch games on TV and even follow what’s happening in the minors  a bit. I even follow Mormons in baseball and know how well Mormons are playing this year–ever heard of Mormon Baseball? Yeah, I’m that guy.

So when a friend told me about Ryan Woodward’s Bottom of the 9th, I bought the first episode. And today I finally got around to having a look. And while I generally liked what I saw, the app didn’t grab me and make me desperate for more. But, even though I’m not enthralled, I’d probably give a second episode a shot, if it were available.

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Monsters & Mormons: some numbers

Once again thanks to all of you who submitted work to the Monsters & Mormons anthology. Theric and I are very pleased by the response. We’re knee-deep in reading, but I thought I’d share a quick update with a few numbers.

We received about 70 submissions. The vast majority of those are short stories, but there are also some novelettes, poems and graphic novels in the mix.

Give or take several thousand words, those submissions add up to 354,339 words.

Just under half of the submissions came in during the week of Sept. 25 to Oct. 1, with 23 on the last day.

Finally, don’t take this as a sign of imminent decisions, but Th. has read about 60% of the submissions and I have read two less than half of them.

Monsters & Mormons: Call for Submissions

A Motley Vision and Peculiar Pages are pleased to announce a call for submissions for the Monsters & Mormons anthology. Theric and William are very excited about this project and look forward to working with you all. We’ve tried to be as thorough as possible in this call for submissions, but if you have questions, leave them in the comments section below or e-mail


As Terryl Givens documents in The Viper on the Hearth, from Zane Grey to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mormons served as stock villains in the early days of genre fiction (both pre-pulp and pulp heyday). We propose to recast, reclaim and simply mess with that tradition by making Mormon characters, settings and ideas the protagonists of genre-oriented stories to appear in an anthology simply titled Monsters & Mormons. This is, then, a project of cultural reappropriation. But even more than that, we just want us all to have fun with the concept. Continue reading “Monsters & Mormons: Call for Submissions”

A Survey of Mormon Comix by Theric Jepson

When I asked Theric Jepson to write a bit about Mormon graphic novels, I didn’t expect that he would launch a full on bibliographic project. But he did — and even though the results make for a very long post, it’s very much worth a read. Indeed, it’s quite the amazing project and must have taken quite some time to put together. Thanks, Theric. ~Wm Morris

I’m also going to make you click through for the full post because the “more” tag seems to be causing some problems with the special formatting for the post.

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