Sunday Lit Crit Sermon: Gordon B. Hinckley on supporting good media

Gordon B HinckleyIn all the counsel from LDS General Authorities during the history of the Church, it is easy to find criticism of the media, including suggestions that range from condemnations of fiction for being “untrue” to current criticisms over sex, violence and profanity. Less frequently we find suggestions that members should fill their homes with good media. And even less frequently has come advice that we should support good media–both financially by buying media that support our ideals and also by expressing gratitude for the efforts of those who produce that media.

In the following, then-Apostle Gordon B. Hinckley urgest exactly this latter support of media. Continue reading “Sunday Lit Crit Sermon: Gordon B. Hinckley on supporting good media”

Presidents Day bon mots, MormonArts-style


[Note: I’ve made no effort to select quotations from their term as Church president. The words quoted may have been spoken at any point during their life.]

Joseph Smith

By proving contraries, truth is made manifest.

Brigham Young

Upon the stage of a theatre can be represented in character, evil and its consequences, good and its happy results and rewards; the weakness and the follies of man, the magnanimity of virtue and the greatness of truth. The stage can be made to aid the pulpit in impressing upon the minds of a community an enlightened sense of a virtuous life, also a proper horror of the enormity of sin and a just dread of its consequences. The path of sin with its thorns and pitfalls, its gins and snares can be revealed, and how to shun it. Continue reading “Presidents Day bon mots, MormonArts-style”