Update: Stan Bronson’s Down from the Mountain at Proud Earth Music

Two years ago I reviewed Stan Bronson’s album Down from the Mountain for AMV.   My family has really enjoyed Bronson’s appealing singing voice and musical take on San Juan County history.   My impression of the album was that anyone interested in Mormon-themed folk music might find Down from the Mountain a fun listen.

The website I linked to went down shortly after the review.  I contacted Bronson directly and received an e-mail response asking me to direct interested parties to an e-mail address, but readers commented that the address bounced their queries. 

Well, I have good news.  Ken Dixon, vice president of Proud Earth Music, e-mailed me to call my attention to Proud Earth’s new website, featuring Bronson’s music among others’.  Especially fun: If you click into the catalogue you can listen to short clips of tracks from the album.  Bronson’s music is distinct, so even in those brief clips you’ll get a fair idea of what the album is like.   Both CDs and individual tracks are downloadable.