The scope and category of Mormon Terms

Long time readers here on Motley Vision may remember that I’ve had an ongoing project (you might say neglected project….) to create a list of terms that are Mormon in some way and to define those terms — essentially creating a Mormon dictionary. While I don’t put as much effort into it as I should, I am still committed to it.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this effort is the decision of when a word is Mormon, and in what sense. There are several well-known taxonomies for classifying words (formality–formal, informal, jargon, slang, etc.; part of speech; usage frequency–archaic, rare, etc.; subject area; etc.), but I believe that there may be additional taxonomies that apply when we talk about Mormon words.

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On the Internet is the Word

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Like all things involving texts of some kind or another, the Internet has become a force in the most basic of language tools, the dictionary. Even Mormon use of language has spawned a number of glossaries, dictionaries, lists of terms and jargon, etc., all in an attempt to either further understanding or poke fun. But none of the attempts at a Mormon lexicon have tried to be comprehensive and serious. So I set up Mormon Terms.

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