Interview with Adam Sidwell on his culinary adventure novel

Evertaster CoverAdam Glendon Sidwell is a Los Angeles-based animator/illustrator/character desginer, BYU grad and the author of Evertaster, a culinary-themed middle grade adventure novel. He and I talk about fiction and food below.

You can learn more about Adam’s book at the Evertaster web site. And today is its’ launch day on Amazon should you be interested in purchasing it — it’s available in both ebook and trade paperback form.

Let me start by saying that I was pleased to hear about your book. Gastronomic literature is something that I’m very fond of and plays a part in my own writing and reading. What made you decide to write a culinary adventure story for kids?

I’m glad we share that interest! For me it all started when I looked at a cookbook and thought about all the recipes ever made, all the cooking shows ever watched, and all the chefs who have ever tried to perfect a dish. I wondered, what are they all searching for? Is there an ultimate goal? In science, sometimes people talk about a Grand Unified Theory of Everything. The answer that would be so complete, it would change science forever. So I wondered, is there one taste that would cause all of those chefs to drop their wooden spoons in awe and give up cooking and experimenting, because the One True Taste has been found? The story for Evertaster is my best answer to that question. I naturally think of things in a young adult or middle grade setting, since it allows such freedom of imagination, so I started plotting and writing in that genre. Continue reading “Interview with Adam Sidwell on his culinary adventure novel”