Conference Books — Spring 2013

I should probably keep in mind, as I prepare this summary of the works cited in each Conference, that the custom of including footnotes listing the source documents for statements made in a text is relatively recent, and depends a lot on the preferences of the speaker and the expectations of the audience. Fifty years ago these footnotes were extremely unusual and 100 years ago they were unheard of.

Not that the discourses of 50 or 100 years ago didn’t include references to other works. They did, the custom just wasn’t to put that information in footnotes. The items from General Conference in my Sunday Literary Criticism Sermon series makes that clear.

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Conference Terms?

As I have gone through the Conference Addresses pulling together references to the books mentioned, I couldn’t help but also look for a few other things, including terms that might become common among Mormons–words and phrases that could be added to Mormon Terms. So I’ve compiled a list of phrases that stood out in the addresses I read.

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