Film: The Work and the Glory to become a trilogy

KSL-TV is reporting that Larry Miller has agreed to finance the next two films in “The Work and the Glory” series. A new director — Sterling Van Wagenen, head of the film program at the University of Central Florida — has been brought on board.

Millder admits that the ticket sales for volume 1 have been dissappointing and told KSL: “I won’t say we feel confident, but we felt comfortable enough that it would be in the vicinity of the success level we needed in order to make the decision on two and three.”

Film: Rick Schroder’s LDS-related project

Weekend Standard (subtitle: China’s Business Newspaper) has posted an in-depth article on actor-turned-filmmaker Rick Schroder. It mentions his next project — “a feature film he did not write called The Principle Wife, a story set in the 1870s about Mormons and polygamy.”

The story also focuses on how he found financing and the difficulties he had in distributing his last film “Black Cloud.” And it confirms that he self-identifies as Mormon.

I haven’t seen “Black Cloud” so I can’t comment on his filmmaking skills, but he seems like a down-to-earth guy, and I enjoyed the candid, personal quotes he contributed to the article.