What questions should we be asking ourselves?


Among those I have ongoing conversations with regarding the Mormon arts, my most local and face-to-face conversation partner is painter Bryan Mark Taylor. (Incidentally, his latest show is opening next month in Sacramento. Check it out.)

He recently asked me a series of questions via email and I wrote back with answers I was pleased with but weren’t really very good answers, if you know what I mean. So he responded with this:

I may not have been asking the right questions…do you have any ideas on the questions we should be asking ourselves?

Which is one of the best darn questions I’ve ever been asked. And it’s way too big of a question for me to answer alone. So let’s crowdsource this baby.

What are the questions we in the Mormon arts should be asking ourselves?

Bryan Mark Taylor: “…when I feel the Spirit I sit down and paint.”



My wife is the bulletin-sculptor in our ward, and I help out by meeting the bishop’s request that each speaker have a short bio written about them. It was in this pursuit that I learned the reason our high counselor has such frabjous hair: He is a painter.
With what I learned in writing the bio and the notes I took during his talk (this was all last March), I fully intended to interview Brother Taylor and post it here, but one thing led to seventy others and I never got around to it. Until now. (More details on how it finally happened (slash-disclaimer) are available at Thutopia.) Continue reading “Bryan Mark Taylor: “…when I feel the Spirit I sit down and paint.””