A 2011 Mormon Literary Studies Bibliography

It is sometimes hard to get a sense of how much is going on in Mormon literary studies. The problem is that there is a lot going on that isn’t happening in Utah or among those associated with the Association for Mormon Letters. I’m not suggesting that the AML and what is happening in Utah isn’t valuable, just that some subjects attract others.

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Poetry in Print — April 2010

This is the third year that I have prepared a bibliography of poetry by Mormons in print for National Poetry Month. Surprisingly, this year we only added titles to the list — nothing went out-of-print. But don’t think that is because all these books are easy to find.

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Have you updated your Mormon Literature Database entry yet?

A quick note to all authors (and filmmakers), agents, publishers, publicists and fans out there: what’s the status of the Mormon Literature Database entry for you (or the author you love/represent)?

Authors and agents (and I bet that publicists with close ties to the author would be accepted since most authors publishing in the Mormon market don’t have agents) should fill out the MLDB Submission Form.

For fans or publishers who want to submit data on multiple authors, here’s what you should do:  “If you wish to submit corrections, updates, or other information about a given author, please do so by sending email to the MLDB Committee at MormonLit@byu.edu.”

I’m going to work on the info for my entry (and yay for actually having stuff to submit) this week.

Mormon Poetry for National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, so in view of our recent conversations about Mormon poetry, I though it might be a good idea to review what Mormon poetry is in print at the moment, and ask those who visit to take a look. [The links are to the Amazon page for the book – no link means that the book isn’t available on Amazon.]

I think we would also love to know of any books that aren’t on the list. I pulled this information from a number of sources, but like any bibliographies of Mormon materials, it is very hard to get everything.

The list is interesting for several reasons:

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