Out of Obscurity, etc.

I watched a Gilmore Girls rerun (original air date: January 20, 2004) with my wife tonight. GG is no Northern Exposure, of course. But it is (perhaps was before the present season) good for consistently clever dialog. The following is certainly not the first GG reference to Mormonism. But, as a Mormon blogger, it is my favorite by far: Continue reading “Out of Obscurity, etc.”

Mormon Art and Greatness

Except for two or three older writers, all modern literature seems to me not literature but some sort of handicraft, which exists only so as to be encouraged, though one is reluctant to use its products. Even the best products of handicraft cannot be called remarkable and cannot be praised without a “˜but.'” Continue reading “Mormon Art and Greatness”

Art Is the Work of Losers

I dismissed it when I heard it fall from the mouth of a literary-academic type. Simply too epigrammatic to be trusted, I thought. Undaunted by my silent resistance, she elaborated: if artists were capable of contributing to the core of society–if they were cut out to be simply productive–they would be. Continue reading “Art Is the Work of Losers”

Mormon Lit: Heaven Knows Why

Jackson Whitetop, a no-account loafer, lives alone in the home that his grandfather Moroni built. Moroni is no longer with us, but he has a good job in the Compiling Office of the Accounting Section of the Current History Division of the Records Department. After several requests, Moroni gets clearance to pay Jackson a visit to deliver a message from beyond: Continue reading “Mormon Lit: Heaven Knows Why”