Film: United 93

I’ve been typing and deleting my thoughts on United 93 for too long now. I just don’t have the ability to do this film justice. Forgive the following rambling words. My thoughts about the film are coming up like the vomit that my queasy stomach wants to produce. Continue reading “Film: United 93”

Marketing: New York Doll DVD

This was already pointed out by Jared over at LDS Film blog, but I find it particularly interesting. The DVD for New York Doll has two different DVDs: the one sold at Amazon is for a general audience and the one sold at Deseret Book is tailored for a Mormon audience. Continue reading “Marketing: New York Doll DVD”

Elsewhere: New LDS Writers blog

I noticed a couple of sidenotes that Kaimi posted over at T&S directed towards a new blog called, “.” I thought it’d be worth mentioning over here as I think it would be of interest to anyone who reads AMV.

It looks like a good blog. I haven’t read any of their books, but I did recognize the names of a few of the contributors from books on the shelf at Seagull. Though I’m not really a fiction writer myself, I enjoy reading about writing, and I think they’ll provide some interesting perspectives, especially as it relates to Mormon fiction. They’ve also said some interesting things on the world of LDS marketing and publishing.

I’m not sure what to think about the blog title though. I mean, it doesn’t provide a whole lot of leeway in terms of losing or gaining additional contributers. I suppose they could always tear a page out of the Big 10’s book, in which case it doesn’t matter. 🙂

Review: Church Ball

After having directed three consecutively worse comedies, the real question one has going into Kurt Hale’s fourth LDS comedy is just how bad is it? Suprisingly, it’s not that bad. In fact, I’m willing to say it’s actually his best. It’s a major upswing from The Home Teachers, at least. It was also much better than Halestorm’s recently released Suits on the Loose, which was so bad I didn’t even feel like typing out a review. Continue reading “Review: Church Ball”

Commentary: Reading the Bible as Literature

My all-time favorite BYU class was Steve Walker’s The Bible as Literature. It was the best of both worlds ““ it had the spirit of the very best religion classes and the stimulation of the best literature classes. What was particularly impressive about the class, though, was not that we covered so much material, but that we covered so little. Throughout the entire semester, I don’t think we covered more than 20 pages of text. The class was two and a half hours a session, once a week. And in each class period we discussed only a single passage, such as Gen. 22: 1-8, Psalms 102: 1-21, Luke 15: 11-32, and the single chapter Book of Susanna from the Apocrypha. I think the most text we covered in a single class was the four chapter Book of Jonah. Continue reading “Commentary: Reading the Bible as Literature”