Vote on William’s byline/author credit

So I’ve been listening to more podcasts, and I got to the , and I realized that I’m doing the cobbler’s children thing with my own poor self. I mean, I know branding — it’s a big part of my day job. And I’ve done that a bit with my life as a writer/critic, but at the moment there’s brand confusion out there. I’m using both William Morris and Wm Morris and the former isn’t search engine friendly to me at all (because of competition with the 19th century socialist poet and designer AND the talent agency) and there’s no chance of getting a vanity URL with it. I started out with just William Morris because I like the symmetry and the link to my forebearers in the fields of literature and public relations. And I have been using Wm for awhile because it’s shorter to type (that’s a bit nonsensical, but I assure you it made sense to me when I started doing it) and for some reason I like the way that there’s just the ‘W’ and the ‘m.’

So here’s a completely self-indulgent poll. Help me figure out what my byline should be. Comments (even mocking ones) are much appreciated.

[poll id=”3″]