The state of AMV at 5

A Motley Vision launched as a solo blog on June 2, 2004. It was born out of two key events:

1. Clark Goble introducing me to Times & Seasons in late January/early February of 2004.

2. The AML-List crashing in March of 2004 and me not finding out that there was a new version of the list up and running for several weeks.

The odd thing is that I had been aware of blogs since Instapundit first spun out of Slate’s Fray (mainly because I found myself monitoring some of them as part of my work), but it had never occurred to me to start blogging because I wasn’t interested in political or personal blogging and the AML-List met my Mormon Studies needs. The two events above changed all that. (and if you want a laugh, take a look at my initial pretensions. Talk about pretentious.)

If the mood strikes me, I may at some point put together a historical timeline for AMV. But the main thing to know is this: Five years, more than 600 posts from  13 contributors and 1 emeritus blogger plus the contribution of many intelligent, civil commenters, and I still feel like there’s more to say. Continue reading “The state of AMV at 5”