About Wm Morris

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William Morris lives in suburban Minneapolis with his wife and daughter. Refugees from the insanely-priced, but lovely San Francisco Bay Area, the Morrises love their new life in the frozen north. And don’t pity them, William still takes public transportation to his work* (a position in higher education marketing/pr at a college in Minneapolis) and there is both a Trader Joes and a Costco not more than 5 minutes from their apartment building. Also: a library right across the street, in-laws who babysit every Friday night, and a fantastic ward family. And a swimming pool in the apartment complex. Life is good and winter really isn’t so bad. In fact, William (who was known to be quite fond of the overcast Bay Area days) kind of misses winter when it’s gone.

*This is very important because it a) keeps his blood pressure low, b) means that the Morrises can remain a one car family, and c) gives him time to read and write.

Awards and Publications

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Other things to know about William:

His childhood was spent in Kanab, UT. He served an LDS mission to Romania. He did his general education at Diablo Valley Community College (where he met his lovely wife), earned an undergraduate degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley, and earned a master’s degree in comparative literature (English, German) and a certificate in teaching college composition from SF State.

Personal interests:

Kafka, Bulgakov, Tolstoy, Henry James, Joy Division/New Order, William Blake and less specifically — post punk, the 19th century novel and novella, speculative fiction (esp. that with a more literary flavor), Mormon literature (naturally), food writing, social media, the development of national/ethnic literatures, discourse analysis, Tottenham Hotspur, the NBA, design (especially typography and logos), illustration, sitcoms, parabolic literature, narrative theory, book marketing/publishing and Mormon folk culture.