About Theric Jepson


Theric Jepson has been blogging since 2005, but he’s been a gadfly-in-the-making for much, much longer.

Most of his professional publications have been under his legal name, Eric W Jepson, but online he is better known by a variety of monikers beginning with the digraph th.

Theric first published about Mormon literature in Brigham Young University’s now defunct Collegiate Post, a student-run newspaper. That article is (happily) unavailable online as it reveals the tremendous ignorance of the author at that time.

Theric has worked as a reporter for and, briefly, as the editor of the Tehachapi News. His columns from this time (and many other writings of all stripes) are available on his website.

Theric was awarded a 2010 AML Award for editing Sunstone‘s comics issue. His short story “The Naked Woman” was nominated for a 2015 AML Award; the same year he received a Special Award for Scholarly Publishing for the Peculiar Edition of Nephi Anderson’s Dorian.

Although he considers himself primarily a fictionist, Theric writes in other forms as well. A partial list of his work follows. A fuller list it available at http://thmazing.com/thbiblio.


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