About Mahonri Stewart


Mahonri Stewart is a national award winning playwright and screenwriter who resides in Tempe, Arizona, with his wife Anne and their two children. Mahonri is currently attending graduate school in ASU’s Dramatic Writing program.

Mahonri has had over a dozen of his plays produced by theatre venues and organizations such as Utah Valley University, Zion Theatre Company, BYU Experimental Theatre Company, Art City Playhouse, the Little Brown Theatre, Arizona State University’s Binary Theatre, and the Off Broadway Theatre in Salt Lake City. Mahonri is also making some headway in his screenwriting efforts, his screenplay Swallow the Sun having been recently optioned, and his screenplay of Rings of the Tree having won the LDS Film Festival’s Screenwriting award.

Mahonri also loves superheroes, literature, film, board games, lasagna (with cottage cheese, not ricotta!), and considers himself an amateur Church Historian. He is also a tireless advocate for Mormon Drama.

Produced Plays

Farewell To Eden (Utah Valley University, November 2003; Zion Theatre Company/Provo Theater, January 2010)

Legends of Sleepy Hollow (Utah Valley University, October 2004; Zion Theatre Company/Castle Theater, October 2012)

Friends of God (Art City Playhouse, January 2006)

Rings of the Tree (Utah Valley University, September 2007; Zion TheatreCompany/The Off Broadway Theater/ The Grove Theater , February 2012)

Swallow The Sun (New Play Project/ Provo Theatre Company, May 2008; Zion Theatre Company, August 2012)

Prometheus Unbound (Brigham Young University Experimental Theatre Company, August 2008)

March of the Salt Soldiers (Co-written with James Arrington, Utah Valley University, September 2008)

Uneaten Cantaloupe (New Play Project/ Provo Theater,  November 2008)

The Fading Flower (New Play Project/ Provo Theater, May 2009)

Immortal Hearts and Other Plays (Zion Theatre Company/ Provo Theatre, June 2010)

The Opposing Wheel (Zion Theatre Company/ The Castle Theater, August/September 2011)

– Jinn and Other Myths (Zion Theatre Company/ The Off Broadway Theater, November 2011)

A Roof Overhead (Binary Theatre Company, October 2012; Zion Theatre Company/ The Little Brown Theater, April 2012)

Published Works

The Fading Flower and Swallow the Sun, published by Zarahemla Books.

Farewell to Eden in Saints on Stage: An Anthology of Mormon Drama (forthcoming), published by Zarahemla Books.


– Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival’s “National Playwriting Award, Second Place,” for Farewell to Eden.

– The KCACTF “National Selection Team Fellowship Award,” for Farewell To Eden, 2003.

– The Hale Centre Theatre’s “Ruth and Nathan Hale Comedy Playwriting Award” for Legends of Sleepy Hollow (First Place, 2004); Farewell To Eden (Second Place, 2004); and Uneaten Cantaloupe (Third Place, 2003).

– The LDS Film Festival’s Screenwriting Award for Rings of the Tree

– Utah Valley University School of Humanities, Arts and Social Studies 2003-2004 “Theatre Student of the Year Award.”

– UVU Department of Theatre Arts 2003-2004 “Student of the Year Award.”

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