About Anneke Majors

Anneke Majors is a native of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, an excellent cook, and one of those insufferable returned missionaries who need constant reminders that they’re white. (Feel free to offer such reminders whenever necessary.)

She completed her BA at Montana State University, majoring in French and Graphic Design with a minor in Art History. She is currently pursuing a PhD at BYU Provo in Instructional Psychology and Technology with an emphasis in second language acquisition, and has trouble explaining what it is she actually does all day. Her career plans include vague university aspirations and making character-based languages more accessible to white kids.

She served full-time in the Japan Tokyo South Mission from 2005-2007, where she fell deeply in love with Yokohama, Chinese immigrants, and the universal reach of the restored gospel. Also, things that are pickled.

Her interest in LDS visual arts stems from an undergrad research project on abstraction in LDS art, for which she found only one lone LDS-themed scholarly paper ever published in fine arts journals. She longs to see the day when this is no longer the case. She is pretty convinced that Minerva Teichert is the best artist that Mormon culture has ever produced, but is willing to change that opinion in light of convincing evidence on someone else’s behalf. She frequents the “Mormon Art Trifecta” – The Church Musuem of History and Art, the BYU Museum of Art, and the Springville Museum of Art – but is waiting to see relevant LDS art coming out of other locales and nations.

Anneke wishes she could travel the world, loves Utah in spite of herself, is getting too old and spinsterly for the 9 kids she always wanted, and commutes by bicycle.