During its run as a group blog, A Motley Vision featured the following contributors. Not all of them had profiles in place when this blog was migrated to Those posts ended up getting assigned to the bloggers with profiles (mainly William), but the names of the actual authors are listed as “Authored by …” in the tags for the post.

The bios are out of date but are still available for most contributors as a historical snapshot of who they were when they were blogging here at AMV.

Shawn P. Bailey: (Bio); Literature

Tyler Chadwick: (Bio); Literature

Harlow Clark: Literature

Laura Craner: (Bio); Literature

Patricia Karamesines: (Bio); Literature

Scott Hales: Literature

Theric Jepson: (Bio); Literature, Comics

Jonathan Langford: Literature

Kent Larsen: (Bio); Publishing, History of Mormon Literature

Anneke Majors: (Bio); Visual Arts

Katherine Morris: Theater

William Morris: (Bio); Literature & Publishing

Eric Russell: Literature

Mahonri Stewart: (Bio); Theater

Eric Thompson: (Bio); Cinema