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Individual bloggers can be reached at their first name at motleyvision dot org. The only exception to this is Eric Thompson — he can be reached at erict.

For all other questions, comments, concerns, pitches, guest post submissions, and inquiries please email admin at motleyvision dot org. Please note that AMV only focuses on Mormon literature and culture and . That means narrative art of every form (film, theater, fiction, comics, poetry) and genre (we love SF&F, for example) that is either by or about Mormons and/or Mormonism. And if there’s no overt Mormon content, there needs to be an obvious thematic tie-in. For example: we’ve written about notions of religion and godhood in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy and issues of agency in Ally Condie’s Matched trilogy.

We also will consider creative nonfiction that specifically touches on the Mormon experience and literary/cultural criticism. We don’t cover nonfiction including: history, doctrinal commentary and self-help. If you are unsure where your work lands, please do go ahead and ask.