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Also note:

1. AMV’s focus is Mormon arts and culture. This is not the place to have theological or historical debates. There are plenty of other places in the online world more suited to such discussions. Of course, comments that explore Mormon/LDS history, theology and practice within the context of culture are welcome. If the difference isn’t obvious, ask us about it.

2. AMV welcomes both academic and amateur (in the best, traditional sense of the word) reactions to what we post, and in particular, in response to works of Mormon art. One of the best things about the world of Mormon arts and letters is that both trained academics and interested readers/viewers often engage each other. We uphold and promote that tradition.

3. Our community of commenters tends to be small.  Please keep in mind that we are a community here. One shot comments are fine*. And, indeed, we welcome new voices. But we are most interested in comments that further the conversation and encourage conversations that take place over time rather than rampant responses to a post that quickly flame out.

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