Review: Irreantum, Volume 8, Number 1 (2006)

Disclaimer: I am not a practiced reviewer.  This review slants heavily toward my own interests and biases and is meant as a personal response to the material at hand rather than as a professional grade commentary. And if that, dear reader, isn’t enough to cast doubt upon my objectivity, I have work published in this issue.  With all that in mind, then…      

About a week and a half ago the newest Irreantum arrived in my mailbox brimming with poetry and other goodies highly beguiling to my literary sweet tooth.  I polished off its 200 plus pages in just a few days and am still feeling thrills of pleasure and surprise. Continue reading “Review: Irreantum, Volume 8, Number 1 (2006)”


Reviewing my posts here in the past few months, I realize that I’ve not been very positive about the status of the LDS market. But I recently found an area where I can be positive. I see a glimmer of hope in the recent development of new academic and literary groups and conferences.
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Have you considered Irreantum?

I subscribe to four literary journals and magazines: Irreantum, Dialogue, Isotope, and .  The reason I picked up Poets and Writers this year is because they offered an outrageously low subscription rate, one I couldn’t pass up.  But!  When resubscription time rolls around, if I have to sacrifice one or more of my mags, Poets and Writers will the be first to go.  Why? Continue reading “Have you considered Irreantum?”

Where is Mass Market Mormonism?

We have a big potential audience, don’t we? Just looking at the US and Canada (basically all English-speaking), the number of active LDS Church members must be over 2 million in 750,000 to 1 million households. Sounds like a mass market to me!

So how do I reach this market? Where do I go to let this audience know my work exists?

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2006 Irreantum fiction contest winners announced

The results of the 2006 Irreantum fiction contest are in. From the AML:

“The Association for Mormon Letters (AML) is pleased to announce the winners of the sixth annual Irreantum fiction contest. The judges considered 57 entries without knowing the identity of the authors, and found many entries
to be of excellent quality. Four cash prizes as well as three honorable mentions have been awarded. Continue reading “2006 Irreantum fiction contest winners announced”