Mormon Poetry for National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, so in view of our recent conversations about Mormon poetry, I though it might be a good idea to review what Mormon poetry is in print at the moment, and ask those who visit to take a look. [The links are to the Amazon page for the book – no link means that the book isn’t available on Amazon.]

I think we would also love to know of any books that aren’t on the list. I pulled this information from a number of sources, but like any bibliographies of Mormon materials, it is very hard to get everything.

The list is interesting for several reasons:

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Mormon Literature Database news

I recently noticed that BYU’s Mormon Literature Database was broadening it’s scope and asked Gideon Burton, assistant professor of English, for more detail. Here is what he e-mailed me:

“The Mormon Literature Database was renamed Mormon Literature & Creative Arts on May 19, 2007, signaling an important broadening of institutional support at BYU for scholarship on Mormon culture. The database (up and going since 2003) had already begun expanding beyond belletristic literature to include speeches and other genres, and had escalated to some 20,000 works and 5000 authors. Given the relational nature of the database, it was only logical to begin linking Mormon literary works with their artistic counterparts in music or film (LDS poetry has been adapted to hymns, for example, and Mormon novels have been adapted to film, etc.). Continue reading “Mormon Literature Database news”