AMV Projects

Welcome to AMV Projects. These are lists, resources, papers and publications that further the field of Mormon arts and culture, but don’t fit into the blog post format.

Active: Monster & Mormons, an anthology of genre/pulp narrative art edited by Theric and William.

Active: Reading Until Dawn and Reading Until Dawn: The Blog (Tyler and Laura start an online literary anthology devoted to the work of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer).

Active: Mormon Translation (Kent’s wiki-style project to create translations of important LDS works that are in the public domain or that the project can get permission for).

Active: Mormon Terms (Kent’s wiki-style project to create a “free-content multilingual dictionary of Mormon words and phrases”).

Active: William reads Mormon genre novels (Wm tips his toe into the world of Mormon genre fiction and tracks the results on GoodReads. Have suggestions of titles he should read? — e-mail william At motleyvision DOT org).

July 2008: Slowly Flowering: Mormon Literary Criticism on Mormon Literary History and Future (A 2002 paper William wrote for a grad school class on Nation, Memory & Diaspora).

April 2008: Mormon-themed fiction recommendations for LDS book groups (A list of Mormon-themed novels that would be suitable for LDS book groups. All titles were recommended by AMV readers).

April 2006 – Dec. 2007: Popcorn Popping (Online Mormon narrative arts magazine founded by William Morris, Steve Evans and Brian Gibson).