Alan Sparhawk on God’s language

I apologize for the lack of Friday feature posts of late. I keep attempting to revisit Margaret Young’s novel Salvador again and failing to say what I want to say. Plus life has intervened of late. I still have hopes of saying something more about Salvador, but meanwhile: here’s a quote from Low’s Alan Sparhawk: … Continue reading “Alan Sparhawk on God’s language”

Weekend (Re)Visitor: The Music of Low

The wife and I saw Low last night at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. It was a great venue and a great concert — we got treated to two sets and an encore, a good two hours of music. I don’t go to many concerts so I suck at reviewing them. I didn’t take notes … Continue reading “Weekend (Re)Visitor: The Music of Low”

Q&A with Arthur from Linescratchers

Arthur Hatton created Linescratchers — a blog, podcast and web forum for LDS musicians who don’t write/record/perform “LDS music” (e.g. devotional or Christian-pop inspired LDS music) — in June 20008 as a blogspot blog featuring artist interviews. It has since moved to its own domain name and expanded what it offers, including rolling out a … Continue reading “Q&A with Arthur from Linescratchers”

Music: Low’s ‘maudlin Mormon message’?

The Harvard Crimson has posted a review of a recent Low concert. It follows the typical story line of Low’s music reflecting the band’s native Dultuh and the Mormonism of two of its three members — the husband-wife team Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker. What’s interesting about the review, though, is that the way it … Continue reading “Music: Low’s ‘maudlin Mormon message’?”