More Than Your Everyday Cinderella (Sarah Dunster’s _Lightning Tree_)

Maybe it was because I had just finished reading the first book of the new series, The Lunar Chronicles, when I received Sarah’s Dunster’s novel, Lightning Tree, in the mail but the tale of Magdalena Chabert is every bit a Cinderella story–and then a whole lot more. Magdalena (Maggie) is a poor girl with a … Continue reading “More Than Your Everyday Cinderella (Sarah Dunster’s _Lightning Tree_)”

Every book is a failure :)

. . . . I hope to write another [novel] fairly soon. It is bound to be a failure, every book is a failure, but I do know with some clarity what kind of book I want to write. – – – By titling my Whitney recap as I have, I don’t wish to suggest the … Continue reading “Every book is a failure :)”

Thoughts on Judith Freeman’s Red Water

For the past two weeks I have been immersing myself in recent novels about the Mountain Meadows Massacre (including AMV contributor Sarah Dunster’s novel Lightning Tree) with a plan to turn my studies into a dissertation chapter on the Mormon historical novel. Last week I revisited Judith Freeman’s 2002 novel Red Water, which treats the aftermath and … Continue reading “Thoughts on Judith Freeman’s Red Water”

Rectifying by Review: my take on Moriah Jovan’s Magdalene

When Magdalene was nominated to be considered by the Whitney committee for the 2011 awards, Jennie Hansen, a well-known LDS reviewer and writer, posted a review on Goodreads that caused quite a stir in our little LDS writing community. Her review was short and to the point. She wrote: “Disjointed, sloppy writing. Lacks real knowledge … Continue reading “Rectifying by Review: my take on Moriah Jovan’s Magdalene”

Review of Field Notes on Language and Kinship, by Tyler Chadwick.

I approached this review with a lot of trepidation. I am not a schooled poet. I took exactly three writing classes in college, and I haven’t read nearly the amount of poetry that someone who professes to be a poet ought to have. I have written many poems, but I didn’t really figure out what … Continue reading “Review of Field Notes on Language and Kinship, by Tyler Chadwick.”