What now, McBride?

. I don’t know how we failed to note the 30th anniversary of What now, McBride? last year, but we did. I intend to rectify that now, here, at the beginning of 2013. Gary Lee Davis’s first novel was released two years after the successful debut of Jack Weyland’s Charly and, like Charly, it’s a romance … Continue reading “What now, McBride?”

Three posts on The House at Rose Creek by Jenny Proctor

. In recent years, as a higher percentage of my reading has become decidedly “Mormon,” I have read very little published by Deseret or Covenant. I’m ashamed of my reluctance. In part I’ve been hesitant because although I hear that quality at these houses has grown vastly over the past years, I also once heard wide … Continue reading “Three posts on The House at Rose Creek by Jenny Proctor”

Andrew Hall’s 2010 Mormon Literature Year in Review: Mormon Market

2010 Mormon Literature Year in Review By Andrew Hall Part 2: The Mormon Market Link to Part 1: The National Market Wm notes: portions of this bibliographic review rely on comments from sources who have chosen to remain anonymous. As I said with his report on independent Mormon publishers posted here at AMV last July: … Continue reading “Andrew Hall’s 2010 Mormon Literature Year in Review: Mormon Market”

A Survey of Mormon Comix by Theric Jepson

When I asked Theric Jepson to write a bit about Mormon graphic novels, I didn’t expect that he would launch a full on bibliographic project. But he did — and even though the results make for a very long post, it’s very much worth a read. Indeed, it’s quite the amazing project and must have … Continue reading “A Survey of Mormon Comix by Theric Jepson”

Beauty and the Beard

Facial hair as a barometer for evil as typified in The Work and the Glory series. This post will examine all three of The Work and the Glory films. For the sake of clarification, only the first, Russell Holt’s The Work and the Glory, will be referenced by that title. The two sequels, both directed … Continue reading “Beauty and the Beard”