A Review of L.T. Downing’s Get That Gold

Get That Gold is a tale of the LDS Restoration, aimed at middle-grade readers (and for families to read together, according to the author.) I started this story with some trepidation. I always feel that way about books written by writers in this LDS community. I once read something that Angela Hallstrom wrote about how, … Continue reading “A Review of L.T. Downing’s Get That Gold”

My First AMV Post

  I was happy when Wm approached me become a blogger on A Motley Vision. I have lurked on the blog for several years and, for the last few, actually commented. My poetry has been featured on Wilderness Interface Zone and in several of the LDS periodicals. My first novel, Lightning Tree, was published last … Continue reading “My First AMV Post”

Artists of the Restoration Part III: MODERNISM & POSTMODERNISM

Previously, I wrote about why I’m more interested in active LDS artists who are seeking to build Zion. With this series, I’m approaching the same topic from a different angle. READ PART I: THE LDS CHURCH — RESTORATION/SEPARATION &ACCOMMODATION/ASSIMILATION READ PART II: WESTERN CULTURE — STUCK IN ROMANTICISM PART III: WESTERN CULTURE — MODERNISM/POSTMODERNISM At the turn of the 20th … Continue reading “Artists of the Restoration Part III: MODERNISM & POSTMODERNISM”

Public Uses of Poetry: Two AML Proposals

I submitted two proposals for this year’s AML Conference, both poetry-centered, of course. Here they are: Proposal 1: Live Poetry Anthology: Mormon Poets Read (Two full sessions) Based on the success of the two poetry reading panels I organized for last year’s AML Conference, I approached my poet friends to see if there was any … Continue reading “Public Uses of Poetry: Two AML Proposals”

AMV’s companion blog, WIZ, is going … to do something new

We’ve brought out the skyrockets (left) to announce that Wilderness Interface Zone has launched a new project we’re very excited about. It’s a year-long (maybe longer) venture designed to change WIZ’s direction and open a new frontier in environmental awareness. Come over and have a look at what we’re up to. While Jonathon Penny and … Continue reading “AMV’s companion blog, WIZ, is going … to do something new”

Sunday Lit Crit Sermon: John Taylor on Books

Its not unusual these days to hear complaints that there are too many books. I know I’ve heard it from those in the book industry for at least 20 years, and I’ve long suspected that such complaints have been going on much longer. But I was quite surprised when I came across this complaint in … Continue reading “Sunday Lit Crit Sermon: John Taylor on Books”

Prometheus Unbound: Press Release

News Release BYU Experimental Theatre Club to premiere “Prometheus Unbound” July 31-Aug. 9 Written by award-winning playwright Mahonri Stewart The Brigham Young University Experimental Theatre Club’s world premiere of “Prometheus Unbound” will begin Thursday, July 31, and run Friday and Saturday, Aug. 1-2, and Thursday through Saturday, Aug. 7-9, at 7:30 p.m. in the Nelke … Continue reading “Prometheus Unbound: Press Release”

UVSC Premieres Rings of the Tree

I hope that folks don’t mind a bit of self-promotion. I’m very proud of this project. Here’s the press release: In consequence to Utah Valley State College’s new four year degree in theater, the UVSC Department of Theatrical Arts for Stage and Screen is sponsoring national award winning playwright’s Rings of the Tree. The play … Continue reading “UVSC Premieres Rings of the Tree”