Discussion Questions for Whose Yoke is Easy

Discussion questions for William Morris’s newsletter on Marden J. Clark’s essay “Whose Yoke is Easy?”

Here are the discussion questions for the fifteenth email in the AMV Deep Dive of Marden J. Clark’s essay collection Liberating Form.

If you haven’t signed up for the email, you can read it (and sign up to receive future ones) here: Whose Yoke is Easy?

Please note that comments are moderated, and the goal is to make this a place welcome to Mormons of all stripes (as well as folks with an interest in Mormonism).

  1. Do you agree with Alan Keele’s observation as reported by Clark? Or is that just the middlebrow defending its’ middlebrow-ness? Should we even accept the premise of the sublime vs. the trivial?
  2. Clark notes that the easy is pervasive in American (and Mormon) culture. How has that changed since the 1980s both in terms of areas of emphasis and intensity?
  3. Does mediocrity feed upon itself, especially when it comes to art? Why or why not? Is the same true of excellence?

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