Discussion Questions for In the Midst of Miracle—So What?

Discussion questions for William Morris’s newsletter on Marden J. Clark’s essay “In the Midst of Miracle–So What?”

Here are the discussion questions for the fourteenth email in the AMV Deep Dive of Marden J. Clark’s essay collection Liberating Form.

If you haven’t signed up for the email, you can read it (and sign up to receive future ones) here: In the Midst of Miracle—So What?.

Please note that comments are moderated, and the goal is to make this a place welcome to Mormons of all stripes (as well as folks with an interest in Mormonism).

  1. Tell me your favorite poem. Bonus points if it was written in the 20th or 21st century.
  2. In what ways might Clark’s three questions What? Why? So What? be useful? Is it less the questions that are the issue and more how one goes about answering them?
  3. What literary or other cultural works do you have both a Mormon self and a critical self interpretation of?

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