Discussion Questions for the “Foreword” of Liberating Form

Here are the discussion questions for the first email in the AMV Deep Dive of Marden J. Clark’s essay collection Liberating Form.

If you haven’t signed up for the email, you can read it (and sign up to receive future ones) here: Liberating Form: Deep Dive on the Foreword

Please note that comments are moderated, and the goal is to make this a place welcome to Mormons of all stripes (as well as folks with an interest in Mormonism).

  1. In what ways are the tensions you experience—whether they come out of your love of humanities or your Mormonism or other vectors of identity, modes of thought and being—delicate, exasperating, complex, and/or challenging? What is the value in acknowledging those specific qualities of the tensions you experience?
  2. Have you found specific poems and poetic images useful to your thinking on art, religion, society, life? Which ones and in what ways do they help?
  3. In what ways do you find art and culture nourishing and stimulating? What existing communities provide you with intellectual and/or religious stimulation and nourishment? What communities do you wish existed to provide you with more, different, or better stimulation and nourishment?

One thought on “Discussion Questions for the “Foreword” of Liberating Form”

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    I think the stuff that gets most talked about is nourishing and stimulating. The works of James Goldberg and Steven Peck and Rachel Steenblik are both those things. And those are the ones that are sticky, that people are still talking about.

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