States of Deseret is now available

Cover of States of Deseret featuring a Casey Jex Smith pen and ink illustration of a Mormon temple with the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate bridge in the backgroundPeculiar Pages in collaboration with A Motley Vision is pleased to announce the release of States of Deseret. With a foreword by Theric Jepson, cover illustration by Casey Jex Smith and 8 pieces of short and short short fiction, States of Deseret is, as far as I can tell, the first anthology devoted solely to Mormon alternate history.

It was a ton of fun to edit. My thanks to the eight contributors who authored such interesting and varied stories and who put up with my editing notes. This is a short anthology–it’s about 26,000 total words of fiction. It’s lean and mean and packs a punch. But that means that we’ve by no means exhausted this particular patch of the garden. I hope that it’ll inspire other Mormon authors to tackle the genre of alternate history.

Here’s the blurb:

What if the territory of Deseret had never joined the Union and instead became its own nation? What if Leo Tolstoy or Nikola Tesla had converted to the LDS Church? What if Brigham Young had gone all the way to California instead of stopping in Utah? The genre of alternate history invites us to imagine how the past (and thus our present and future) would be different if different choices had been made. These eight stories provide glimpses at alternate historical trajectories for Mormons and Mormonism—of other states of Deseret.

States of Deseret is available in several different ebook formats worldwide for $2.99* from: Amazon/Kindle | B&N/Nook | Kobo | iBooks

We don’t plan on offering a print version at this time, but if things change, I’ll be sure to let you know.

*or local currency equivalent

6 thoughts on “States of Deseret is now available”

  1. Thanks, Lee. One shouldn’t respond to reviews, but I will say that I’m gratified that Grabriel got what we’re doing with this anthology.

    And that reminds me: if any readers would be willing to review it on GoodReads and/or, that would be lovely.

  2. This was fun. I wish I’d given it a shot too. Any chance you’ll do another?

  3. I don’t know. It’s a lot of time and money for not much monetary return (not that that’s a primary consideration but I can only invest so much out of my own resources).

    Several people have suggested a Kickstarter, but the problem with Kickstarters is that you have to provide a lot of return in order to get pledges, which means they tend not to be as useful as they seem. Although I suppose if we kept the levels lean, it’d be a good way to judge the market because pledges are essentially pre-orders.

    Another route might be: if the AML is able to successfully revive its literary journal and is open to the idea, I’d love to edit a Mormon alternate history-themed issue.

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