poetry contest is hosting a poetry contest. Submissions “must be themed in Mormon culture, history, or beliefs fitting the tone and purpose of”. There are cash prizes for first and second place and the top 15 poems will be published on

I asked for some clarification on the contest and here’s the deal:

  1.  There is no length requirement for the poems (although I would guess that your 20,000 line epic might not do well in the judging).
  2. Previously published poems are not eligible.
  3. are asking for 6 months exclusive rights to the poems that they publish as well as the right to continue to publish the poem on their site. In my experience, that’s a very fair approach for a contest like this.

Since this is the first time is doing this, I’m not entirely sure what they are looking for, but other than the Mormon Lit Blitz, there aren’t many venues that publish poetry that is on the devotional end of the spectrum and/or LDS-centric.

The deadline to submit is Jan. 31, 2015. For all the details, see the poetry contest announcement.

10 thoughts on “ poetry contest”

  1. Hmmm. Their page doesn’t indicate who will be judging or what the judge’s qualifications are.

    Given the type of material that publishes, I have a hard time thinking that the winners will be very literary.

    I tried to post a comment on their site asking about the judge’s qualifications, but their system wouldn’t tell me if my comment was accepted or not.

  2. It depends on what you mean by literary, Kent. Devotional poetry can have literary value — and based on the description they aren’t looking solely for devotional style poems.

    The editorial team will be selecting the 15 finalists that will be published so, yes, that means any poems that are selected will mesh with the editorial vision of the site. Not every contest or venue for poetry needs to be literary (in the standard definition of that term).

  3. .

    The site now says
    “We are happy to announce that the contest will be judged by Tyler Chadwick, editor of Fire in the Pasture, and Michael Tatum former Idaho Senior Poet Laureate.”
    which i consider terrific news, though now that I could tailor a submission, I’m no longer certain I would have submitted the same works. Who knows.

    But I certainly submitted. It’s one way to support any event like this that I always have access to.

  4. .

    Update on submissions received: “249 poems submitted by 108 poets”

    I would say that is marvelous news.

  5. .

    What the….

    I’ve posted that link twice!

    Is there something you’re not telling me, William? Don’t you love me anymore?

  6. Posted it an the comment didn’t go through? Because I see your two comments above, but neither has the link. I have no idea what’s going on, but it certainly isn’t a dip in benevolent dictator love.

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