20 thoughts on “Black Beret, 2014”

  1. .

    It’s a bit fuzzy and a bit glared, but zoom in and you can see the buttons pretty well.

    I’m holding some sort of contest to reward who can identify the largest number of artists.

    What should the prize be? I’m open to suggestions.

  2. How are we supposed to remember this is happening each year?

    And I need a substitute for the beret — my wife has nixed the idea; and for good reason in my case….

  3. To be honest, I am not keen on the idea of co-opting Scout Sunday. How do you feel about the second Sunday in February, Scott H?

    The alternative would be to choose a date that has some meaning to Mormon arts.

  4. I don’t think they have Scout Sunday in the Berkeley area…

    It could be the first Sunday in June…to commemorate the first issue of the “Evening and the Morning Star” in 1833, which ran (I think) the first Mormon poems ever published.

  5. That is correct, Th., on August 25th. But I’m not sure its the best benchmark. It wasn’t the first work of Mormon fiction. [It may have been the first fairly good work of Mormon fiction, however.]

  6. If it’s the first week in June, that’s also when AMV was founded.

    Plus if we move it, we can celebrate it this year. And Th. can celebrate it again!

  7. I like the first week of June. Other than BY’s birthday (not something anyone has tried to make a holiday) I don’t think there are any big Mormon commemorations happening (the martyrdom is the end of the month).

    And the only other day that I can think of as a possibility — last week of March is the publication date of the Book of Mormon (I can’t remember the exact day, but it is known) — is too close to General Conference, and not as strongly connected to Mormon literature.

  8. BTW, June 1st is a Sunday this year. Unfortunately, my speaking assignment is on the 8th so I’ll likely be a week late to spread the gospel in Sacrament Meeting.

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